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Zuzana Gabor

Piano teacher, Musicologist (MA). I prepare for RCM Examinations, Festivals and Student Recitals.
I have been teaching in my busy private studio for over 20 years.
Member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association
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Stellar Music Coservatory

Beginners to RCM grade 10, all styles, five teachers available. Teach on acoustic and electric pianos.
Private or Group lessons. Full Retail and Rentals - Instruments accessories and books.
Location: Newmarket - near Davis and 404
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Janis Mitchell

Janis has been a member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association since 1982, teaching
piano and theory in Newmarket. She holds an A.R.C.T. in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of
Music, and a Bachelor of Music Degree in music education from the University of Toronto where she
studied piano with Douglas Bodle and harpsichord with Greta Kraus. She is a piano accompanist for
instrumentalists and vocalists, and has been a church pianist and organist for the past 13 years.
She has taught privately for over 35 years preparing students of all levels for auditions, festivals, entrance
into post secondary music programs and Royal Conservatory exams.
Many of Janis' former students have pursued careers in music.
Carol Smith

M. of Music degree as well as Grade 10 piano with RCM. Offering the Music Pups program for children birth
to 2 1/2 yr olds in my studio in Newmarket. The children, accompanied by their parent, experience rhythm,
dance, singing and playing of an instrument. Sessions run for 10 weeks. I also offer the Music for Young
Children Program which provides training in keyboarding, ear training, singing, theory, music composition
and creative movement. Classes are small and many innovative techniques including puppets are used.
Parents accompany their children in the learning process at each lesson.
Private piano lessons using RCM Grade 1- Grade 10.
Location: Newmarket - Prospect and Gorham St.
Jennifer Lumsden

Teaches piano, percussion, improvisation and composition from her home in Newmarket. Repertoire is
selected to meet the needs of the student with the philosophy that it must be fun. Some students are more
interested in contemporary music than classical material. Others have various learning disabilities, but all
love their lessons and enjoy the process. Therefore, not everyone focuses on Conservatory pieces and
Music Festivals. I use a range of percussion instruments to teach rhythm, patterns, counting and playing
together. All students enjoy this musical interaction and experience. My job is to help the student tap
creativity. Many students have success at creating their own pieces which often evolve through
improvisation. Learning how to write music becomes painless in the context of preserving ones' own piece.
I have non-professional experience in singing (Tapestry Chamber Choir, Tallis Choir) guitar, and
percussion (Those Girls) and am now learning violin with Christine Gale Harrison (ORMTA).
I continue to teach music for babies at Prenatal Plus in Newmarket and have extensive experience running
music classes for Toddlers and young children. Location: Park Ave and Lorne
Mrs. Indranee Alexander
timnevins@yahoo.ca and/or Nedrasellayah@yahoo.co.uk

Piano and Voice Lessons by Graduate Teacher (Double Major). Affiliate teacher of the Royal Conservatory of
Music, Toronto. Prepares students for RCM. Grade 1 - A.R.C.T., Music Festivals. Classical to Modern.
Highly experienced. Many award winning students. All levels and styles.
Beginners and homemakers welcome.
Location: Mulock and Sandford, Newmarket
Jennifer Cicero
905-235-3544 or 416-523-3533

Jennifer Cicero is a teacher, performer and accompanist. Holds a Bachelor of Music Performance from
Thompson Rivers University in association with the Glenn Gould School, a Performance Diploma from the
Glenn Gould School of The Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as Honours Associate Diplomas from The
Royal Conservatory of Music in both performance and teaching. Jennifer teaches private piano and flute, as
well as theory, musicianship and piano pedagogy classes. Free performance classes - Annual recitals.
Preparation for RCM Examinations, festivals and auditions. Member of the Toronto Heliconian Club, and is
a Registered Music Teacher with the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association.
Location: Bathurst & Highway 9
Heather Faris

I teach voice, piano and theory privately and have a B.A. with music major and teacher's degrees in voice
and piano. I prepare students for auditions, musical theater shows, recitals, festivals and exams in both
Royal Conservatory, and Conservatory Canada. Am a member of Ontario Registered Music Teacher's
Association, and the National Association of Teachers of Singing.
MuSix Studio and Services (Sheila Vandikas - Director)

Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Bachelor of Education degree from University of Toronto . ARCT
diploma from The Royal Conservatory of Music. Over 30 years experience in the education and performance
field. We are a studio of four teachers. We teach piano and theory of all ages and levels, as well as provide
musical and academic services. From classical to jazz, we teach a variety of styles.
We also offer preschool music (The Music House) for babies to 5 years.
Location: Newmarket - Leslie and Mulock
Alessandra Matthews

Alessandra has completed her Grade 10 RCM and Elementary Piano Pedagogy certificate both with
honours as well as an Audio Production and Engineering Diploma from Metalworks Institute. She is
currently an affiliate member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association. Lessons are offered
for students of all ages, from beginners and moving into the RCM program. Recording, musical games or
computer work may be used to re-enforce learning. Alessandra's goal is to express to students how
enjoyable music and learning can be.  Location: Newmarket - Yonge St. & Davis Dr.
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