Usually, determining the value of a used piano is done by hiring a qualified piano technician with appraisal and
secondary market sales experience in your area. The piano industry does not refer to a piano price directory to look up
used piano prices in the way of a blue book for cars. Used piano pricing charts found on the internet are extremely
broad (often intentionally), inaccurate and have little use as price guides.

Although the brand name or stylized / ornate cabinetry can be an influence, value is mostly affected by the condition of
the piano, both aesthetically and functionally as a musical instrument.

Piano technicians and appraisers generally use these methods to arrive at a piano's value:

Restored Value Less Cost of Restoration
This is the difference between the price of a what a piano might sell for in like-new condition minus the cost of getting
the unrestored piano up to that condition level.

Market Comparison
This is comparing the piano with actual
selling prices (not wildly varying asking prices seen online in ads or auctions)
of similar pianos of the same brand, age, condition and geographic location.

The depreciation method is a percentage of the final selling price of a similar new piano. This method is usually
applied to newer pianos.

Many people would like to know how much their piano is worth without having to pay for a formal written appraisal.

We offer a simple and convenient
piano appraisal service that can help.
Market Value of Used Pianos
What Is My Piano Worth?
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