Thinking of buying a new acoustic upright or grand piano?

Want to know what the average retail price is
before you walk into a dealer's showroom?

We can save you time and money with the
Retail Piano Price List Guide for New Pianos

You won't find published retail prices on any of the manufacturers' websites.

You also won't find many published retail prices on a local piano dealer's website.
Piano dealers generally do not like to quote prices over the phone either.
They would much rather get you in to their store first, so they can have a better chance of closing a sale.

It would also be nice to compare prices of different brands and models in order to assess what is available in
your price range before you venture out to
several piano stores (because only certain stores carry certain brands).

Knowledge is power as a consumer. Although dealers obviously must mark up wholesale prices in order to
make a living, in no way is the inflated price consistent across the board, nor universally agreed upon.

This service helps you discover the overall average retail prices in North America
for every major piano brand and most models.

With this knowledge you can definitely determine what to expect, given wildly varying prices
of the same instrument from one store to the next.

This is the answer - and the only publication to provide this information in the piano industry.
It is used extensively as a sourcebook in the piano business by both consumers and members of the trade.

Piano Buyer - Current Edition
By Larry Fine

Piano Buyer is the definitive guide for buying a new piano. It provides a wealth of information, including:
- Retail Prices For Every Major Piano Brand and Most Models
- Advice on How to Estimate Actual "Street Prices"
- Reveals all the information necessary to differentiate between a good deal and a great deal
- Updated General Information on Manufacturers and Models
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Piano Prices Guide
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