The Asian Experience
Upright Reproducing Piano, 1988
Maker: Yamaha
Hamamatsu, Japan
Photo on right shows "Disklavier" equipment
that writes to a 3.5" diskette
photo by
M. Erixon-Stanford
The Japanese adopted the piano with enthusiasm when it was introduced to Japan, with
Korea and China soon to follow. Since WW II, the majority of piano manufacture has shifted
to Asia. Yamaha, one of the oldest Asian manufacturers (opened 1900), helped to pioneer
the application of digital technology to the piano during the 1980s. The style of this piano is
typical of contemporary Yamaha uprights, but the "Disklavier" reproducing equipment uses a
3.5" diskette to record whatever the pianist plays and to play it back instantly, or at a later time.
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Disklavier Pro, 2000
Maker: Yamaha
Hamamatsu, Japan
Designed with cherrywood case, aluminum legs & key cover, and transparent gossamer-winged
lid. Built-in Pentium computer with thin panel, touch-screen computer monitor and Voice Activation.
The original performance is captured on video and MIDI and stored on disc. When the disc in
inserted into the built-in DVD drive, the video is broadcast on the touch-screen monitor (or to large
screen TV) while the Disklavier reproduces the original piano performance. This was truly the
ultimate multi-media piano experience available in its time.
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