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Henry F. Miller Sr. was an educated, reputable musician and organist born in Providence, Rhode Island. His
interest in the piano manufacturing business led to accepting offers at the prominent Boston, Massachusetts
firms of Brown & Allen in 1850, and later the Emerson Piano Co. in 1857 where he was perfecting his craft of
piano building. By 1863 he started the Henry F. Miller Piano Co. with expert scale draftsman and designer, J.H.
Gibson with the factory located in Wakefield, MA. So great was their success that Miller's five sons joined the
company, incorporating as Henry F. Miller & Sons in 1884. Under the leadership of Henry F. Miller, Jr., they were
continually improving their pianos - and by the turn of the century, received the endorsement of artists, musicians
and teachers. Many virtuoso performers were using Miller & Sons pianos in their concert work. The instruments
were distinguished for their artistic case designs and their rich, full tone. The firm also made pianos under the
names Trowbridge, and Burton; and pedal board uprights (that was an additional foot pedal keyboard that could
play the bass notes of the piano, similar to an organ). In the mid 1920s they became a division of the Continental
Piano Co. of Wakefield, Massachusetts which was eventually taken over by Winter & Co. of New York in 1945. By
1949, ownership was transferred to the Ivers & Pond Piano Company in Cambridge, MA. When the large New
York conglomerate, Aeolian Corp. absorbed Ivers & Pond, production of both Henry F. Miller and Ivers & Pond
pianos moved to Memphis, TN by 1951. Later, some Henry F. Miller pianos were assembled by Mason & Risch in
Toronto, Canada. The last recorded U.S. made piano serial number is dated 1982 at the time Aeolian went out of
business. In 2001 the name was acquired by the Sherman Clay (California) chain of piano stores. Pianos bearing
the Henry F. Miller name were made for their stores, as well as other major piano dealers throughout the USA, by
the Pearl River piano company in China. In 2013 Sherman Clay & Co. discontinued activity in the piano business,
selling their last store by September of that year.

Henry F. Miller pianos are not currently in production.

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