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Piano Lessons: Piano Teachers in Maple, Vaughan & Woodbridge

The following teachers offer piano lessons in Maple, Vaughan and Woodbridge,
providing their details and location:
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Victoria Taranova

Recording artist (M.A.) with wide international experience in performing and teaching is offering private
piano and voice lessons for students of any age and any levels of musical skills. Intensive methodology
with truly creative atmosphere and individual approach for everyone is right way to the success.
Preparing students for examinations, festivals, competitions and auditions.
Lessons available in the private studio (Steeles/Dufferin area) or at students' location. Reasonable rates.
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Cindy Lu

20 years teaching experience. Teach all piano and music lessons
including ones for ARCT and RCM examinations.
Location: Dufferin and Rutherford
Luba Gostioujeva

Piano, Voice and Keyboard Lessons in your home or our studio.
Preparation for all levels of RCM, Practical and Theory Exams, Harmony.
Location: Bathurst St / Teston Rd.
Vanessa Annaldi

Lessons offered at your home. All levels and ages. RCM exams preparation. Concerts and competitions.
Location: across Maple, Vaughan and Woodbridge
Kathy De Maria

Teaching Classical, Rock and Roll, Pop, Dance. Beginners to intermediates.
All ages are welcome, all types of music are welcome. Great price.
Vittoria La Neve

"Life is an orchestra, conduct it" - anonymous. Ms. La Neve, an artist, pianist, community facilitator and
young, Canadian female, welcomes individuals ages 4 - 18 at beginner or grade 1-5 RCM level in her
private studio. Email the above address to set a date for a free 30 minute one-on-one consultation
and student assessment.
Please view the online profile for a full description of her biography, awards and certificates.
Located near Hwy. 400 & Rutherford Rd.
Domenic Marchese

I teach........Piano/Guitar/Bass Guitar/Vocal lessons/Theory Study/Reading.
I cater to your needs and teach each student in a different way because all students are unique and special.
My styles include Rock/Pop/Improve/Blues
Location: Rutherford / Islington
Meadesmith School of Music and Drama

Wayne Meade and Tammy Smith: young, qualified, experienced, and dedicated music teachers in a
home-based relaxed environment. Each with Bachelor degrees in Music Education and Education, Ontario
Teaching Certificates and over 17 years of experience teaching children. Offering piano, guitar, and theory
lessons. All ages and levels. Preparation for RCM exams, festivals, and auditions with excellent results.
Musical Theatre Program. "Sharing our love for music and drama with you."
Please see our website for more details.
Location: Islington and Highway 7
Serafima Potapovskaia

Masters Degree in Music. Classical Style
Location: Rutherford and Jane
Alaina Slavec

I am a university student with years of piano and teaching experience with the Royal Conservatory of Music.
All lessons are private and taught in my home. All levels and ages are welcome. RCM exam preparation.
Location: Keele and Major Mackenzie
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Anna Gnatenko

I am a piano and music theory teacher with 30 years of experience. I am the MA carrying the Diploma with
Honours from the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory (Russia). I taught hundreds of students through my career
in Russia, USA and Canada. Many of them became professional musicians. My students receive the
highest marks at the RCM examinations every year, and 100 points received by my student at an exam are
quite a common and regular occasion. But the mark itself is not more than just a record. My main challenge,
as I see it, is to share my passion for music with every student so that they could enjoy the music knowingly
through their whole life. I teach in my or your home for all levels and ages. More details on my website.
Location: Keele / Rutherford
Judy Lee

Highly experienced, teaching piano for over 28 years. Bachelor of Arts degree and studied in Germany.
Fully RCM certified, teaching all levels of practical exams, rudiments and harmony. All my students have an
average rudiment level 2 of 97.98%. To all beginners I have unique method to read notes easily with fun
music. And to all intermediate to mature students they know each era of stylish music.
I can teach in your place also.
.Location: Dufferin and Major Mackenzie
Eli Arpinsky

Student of all ages and levels are welcome to enjoy private piano lessons at the convenience of their
homes in Woodbridge. The lessons offer a traditional approach to the study of piano tailored to each
student's abilities and needs. I offer a fun music program that integrates the study of
music theory and history, ear training and sight reading into every lesson.
Natalia Smolskaia

RCM Certified Teacher - Advanced Specialist.
Bachelor of Music, more than 20 years of experience. All ages from 5yrs old. Jazz and classical.
Music theory. Conservatory exam preparation. Will give lessons at your home or gladly accept in my studio.
Location: Weston Rd & Rutherford
Alexander Sokol

Highly qualified piano teacher, professor. 33 years of experience. Winner of International piano
competitions. All Levels. Fluent Russian, Hebrew, English.
Location: Dufferin / Rutherford
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Vivian Bow

Honours B.A, B. Ed, M. Ed. Royal Conservatory of Music - ARCT Certified.
Professional teacher with over 12 years of experience - Excellent results! All students have attained 80
percent or higher in their RCM Exams. Specialize in working with children and adolescents.
Preparation for RCM Practical Exams at all levels. Flexible schedules on Weekdays and Weekends.
Lessons are held in a spacious and inviting environment Speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English
Location: Bathurst Street & Major Mackenzie Drive
Melissa Da Costa

Honors Bachelor Degree in Music (B.Mus.), McMaster University. Teaching methods include Faber, RCM,
and contemporary programs. Preparation for all RCM level Exam, recitals and auditions. Expertise in
classical, jazz, pop and Broadway pedagogy. All musicians deserve the opportunity to play music well and
succeed. It is a priority to me that my students learn proper techniques in a fun and enjoyable environment.
As a vocal teacher, I will be an advocate for healthy vocal building and will utilize my knowledge of vocal
anatomy and diagnostic skills towards the goal of creating better musicians. As a piano teacher, I will be an
advocate for proper techniques and theory training to reach the goal of creating a better musician.
Location: Weston Road and Rutherford
Amadeus Arts

Teaching at your home. Enrol any time of the year - All levels and ages. Rudiments, Harmony, History,
Analysis, Counterpoint - RCM exams preparation. Save time and money on travel. Participate in concerts
and competitions - Enjoy your 10th lesson free. We check candidate's sense of rhythm, musical memory,
logic development, artistic traits and provide them with an ear test. This assessment will determine
candidate's current level of learning and possible future development potential.
Location: Private piano lessons, conveniently at your home
Susanne Brown

I am an RCM certified piano / theory teacher and ORMTA member. Students will be prepared for RCM
exams, festivals or for personal enjoyment. With over 30 years of teaching experience I still enjoy
discovering innovative methods, ideas and incentives to keep my students motivated as they learn.
Teaching to suit your interests is a priority and I offer lessons with a blend of:
Classical, Jazz, Pop and Improv for the adult beginner.  
Location: Major Mackenzie Dr. W. & Pine Valley Dr., Woodbridge
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