Mass Entertainment
Mass Audience
Liberace Grand Piano, 1984
Maker: Baldwin
Cincinnati, Ohio
photo by
M. Erixon-Stanford
Liberace (Wladziu Valentino), 1919-87, built his musical career on the romance of the
piano, dressing himself in lavish consumes and placing extravagant candelabra on
his pianos. He made his name in the 1950s with romantic, nostalgic performances
broadcast to the mass audiences of television. To harmonize with Liberace's
glittering image, Baldwin customized this fine grand with 125 pounds of Austrian
rhinestones for Liberace's Radio City Music Hall appearances.
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Miniature Grand Piano, 1851
Maker: Kirkman & Son
London, England
photo by
Hugh Tallman
Kirkman and Son made this handsome miniature piano for the 1851 Crystal Palace world
exposition in London to display their current developments. It is said that the midget
General Tom Thumb, promoted by P.T. Barnum, played upon a piano similar to this.
Grand Piano, 1903, "White House"
Maker: Steinway & Sons
New York
photo by SI
This piano was given to President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903 as a gift to the
American people in gratitude from the Steinway family on the fiftieth anniversary of
the firm's founding. Designed by R. H. and J. H. Hunt and carved by Juan Ayuso,
the lid was decorated by Thomas Dewing with a depiction of the nine muses.
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