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Andrea Johnson

I have received my Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto degrees
in both Piano Performance and Piano Teacher (A.R.C.T.).
My goal in teaching is to help my students achieve their highest personal potential whether that consists
of The Royal Conservatory of Music examinations or learning for personal growth and fulfillment.
Location: Louis St. Laurent and Ferguson Drive
Susan Edmonds

I have completed ARCT in both flute and piano, as well as a bachelor and masters of music on flute.
I am also a qualified high school teacher in math and music, and therefore offer math tutoring for those
interested. Learning at my studio happens in a fun and supportive environment
and I really encourage students to develop as a whole musician, not just as a performer.
I teach flute, piano, recorder and theory to students of all ages and at many different levels.
Location: Childs Drive
Lynne  Moquin

Specializing in beginners, adults/teens and those who took lessons as kids but forget it all or can't play
what they really want to. Theory demystified and all levels RCM theory exams including RCM Keyboard
Harmonyfor keyboard & non keyboard majors (why write a theory exam if you can play it instead
and learn to play by ear in the process). Play anything from any CD or written music you bring.
Toronto In-Home Lessons (or at Milton home studio)
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Jennifer Moss

I have a Teacher’s Diploma (AVCM) from the Victoria Conservatory of Music and a Performer’s Diploma
(ARCT) from the Royal Conservatory of Music. I teach all levels and ages and will prepare students
for piano and theory exams with the Royal Conservatory or Contemporary Idioms
piano and theory exams with Conservatory Canada.
Location: Savoline Blvd. and Derry Rd.
Colleen McInnes

Successfully teaching all ages and ability levels in the GTA since 1991.
Lessons in piano (beginner - RCM Grade 10), band instruments, RCM theory and history. Qualified: O.C.T.,
BEd., BA(Mus) and MA(Ed); RCM Affiliate Teacher. Tailored lessons to fit the needs and desires of students.
Many students move on to successfully study music at university-level.
Located in Georgetown South
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Sandra Pietila

I am an accomplished musician with over 18 years of teaching experience, specializing in teaching young
beginners on piano and accordion. Lessons, taught according to the RCM curriculum, are in a fun
environment tailored to the individual's learning style. Music lessons will provide a lifetime of enjoyment!
Location: Thomas Street & Heslop Road
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