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Determining the value of a piano is most accurately accomplished by having a qualified piano technician thoroughly assess
the instrument in person - and If experienced with local piano sales, current fair market value can then be substantiated.

Valuation will be affected by:
- Primarily, the present condition of the main structure, cabinet and case parts, cast iron plate that supports the massive
string tension, wooden tuning pin block that supports the pins, soundboard and ribs or back posts, bridges that support the
strings, copper wound and plain wire strings, tuning pins, hammers, keys, dampers, cloths and felts, and the thousands of
moving parts that make up the piano “action”.
- Age of the instrument
- Quality of the piano manufacturer
- Aesthetic appearance and condition of the cabinet and finish
- Market location - that is, what geographic region in which the piano will be bought or sold.

Unfortunately, there is no directory of used piano prices or "blue book", nor does the piano industry refer to any such

Since an on site appraisal costs in the area of $150 upwards, many people have expressed interest in simply getting an
experienced, comprehensive and well informed answer without having to pay a piano technician for a thorough inspection
and written document.

We provide a convenient online service helping those who are in the market of buying or selling a piano and wish to know if
a particular piano is priced reasonably, or for those who are just curious as to their piano's value. Using our expertise and
experience of buying and selling pianos, and having appraised thousands of instruments based on knowledgeable
appraisal methods combined with exhaustive and current sales data, we are able to arrive at an accurate market value.

Other Keyboard Instruments:
We also appraise other keyboard instruments. Click Here for other acoustic keyboard instruments; electric/electronic,
analog or digital keyboards; digital pianos; organs, synthesizers or samplers.

Piano Appraisals Include:
1. Current market value
2. The age of the piano based on the serial number
3. Background information of the piano company’s history
4. What a similar new model costs today, if still in production

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$10.00 U.S. - report sent by email within 5 business days
$15.00 U.S. - report sent by email within 24 hours

After completing our Online Appraisal Form, you will be taken to a secure page at PayPal for payment.
In addition to PayPal, we accept most cards, including: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bravo, Eurocard,
Carte Blanche, JCB, and Visa/MasterDebit cards. Cards from any country are accepted.

A confirmation response and receipt will be issued to you via email.
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