The following terms and conditions are agreed upon between the purchaser of the Online Piano Appraisal Service
and Concert Pitch Piano Services:

1.  The purchaser of the Online Piano Appraisal Service understands that this appraisal is only intended to be a guide
as to the ballpark current market value of the piano based on conditions in North America. Only through a
comprehensive inspection by a qualified piano technician in your area can an accurate appraisal be performed. Market
value is affected by the piano's condition (structure, cabinet and inner parts), geographic location, and demand for the
instrument, which can vary considerably in different situations. Without actually seeing the instrument, Concert Pitch
Piano Services can only give reasonable yet broad parameters on the market value of any piano.           

2.  The appraisal values stated herein are based on the conditions of the musical instrument as reported to Concert
Pitch Piano Services by the person paying for the service. The musical instrument has not been examined by Concert
Pitch Piano Services. Concert Pitch Piano Services is not liable for failure to ascertain or disclose any condition of the
musical instrument, or to provide signed or hard copy certification.

3.  Statements of valuation of the musical instrument are based on an opinion of Concert Pitch Piano Services at the
time of the appraisal. Changes in general economic conditions and substantial changes in the used musical
instrument market from any cause, including local dealers' importation of used instruments from other geographical
areas, may change the market value of the musical instrument. By using this service you understand that the
information and values provided by Concert Pitch Piano Services are simply their opinion based on the information you
submit and do not in any way guarantee genuineness or authenticity of your item.

4.  Concert Pitch Piano Services cannot guarantee that this particular musical instrument can, or will be sold at a
particular price, or that the musical instrument will retain the appraised value for an indefinite period of time.

5.  The statements and opinions of the ballpark appraisal are those of Concert Pitch Piano Services.  Variations of
opinion, within reasonable limits, are expected between different appraisers. Concert Pitch Piano Services makes no
representations that purchase or sale of the musical instrument at the value stated in the appraisal is advisable or will
satisfy the particular purposes and needs of the client.

6.  Concert Pitch Piano Services shall not be liable for changes in the value of the musical instrument caused by
changes in the condition of the musical instrument following the appraisal.  Water, heat, sunlight, moisture, humidity,
and the conditions in different buildings and environments may affect the sound and condition of the musical

7.  This appraisal contains no express or implied warranties other than those implied by law.

8.  This site is created and controlled by Concert Pitch Piano Services, in the province of Ontario, in the country of
Canada. The laws of the province of Ontario govern these disclaimers, terms, and conditions, without giving effect to
choice of law principles. You agree that any disputes, suits, or other claims related to your use of this site, including
transactions entered into through this site, will be resolved exclusively in the province of Ontario, in the federal or
provincial courts therein. You agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of such courts for the purpose of resolving any
such disputes, suits or claims.
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