Porsche Grand Piano, 2002
Maker: Bosendorfer
Design: F.A. Porsche
Vienna, Austria
Piano As Design
Grand Piano, 1939 "World's Fair"
Maker: Steinway & Sons
New York, USA
With its beautiful art deco case designed by Walter Teague, this instrument was
commissioned to represent American industrial progress in the American pavilion
(also designed by Teague) at the 1939 New York World's Fair.
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Pegasus Grand Piano, 1999
Maker: Schimmel
Design: Prof. Luigi Colani
Braunschweig, Germany
Art Design Grand Piano
Maker: Schimmel
Design: Otmar Alt
Braunschweig, Germany
Acrylic Grand Piano, 1951
Maker: Schimmel
Design: Nikolaus W. Schimmel
Braunschweig, Germany
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The Bosendorfer Porsche grand piano was
developed in close cooperation with
Porsche Design. The combination of silvery
shining aluminium and dark-grey metallic
lacquer surfaces represents a novel
contemporary approach to piano design.
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The Pegasus grand has an ergonomically formed keyboard: the keys exhibit a slight
curvature. The top raises and lowers automatically at the touch of a switch.
The piano stool is a part of the instrument, and is adjustable both in height and
distance from the keyboard. The seating area is leather upholstered.
A hydraulic safety function keeps the fallboard from slamming shut.
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Audi Grand Piano, 2009
Maker: Bosendorfer
Design: Audi
Vienna, Austria
The exceptional collaboration in this piano of one of the auto
makers best known for its technological leadership and a
company world-famous for the touching sound of its
instruments leads to an exceptional result.
Most striking about the new grand piano by Audi design is the
closed side rim of the bass. It not only lends the instrument
unusual presence and stability, it also allows it to project the
bass more strongly into the auditorium. A perfect play of
interlocking covers makes for attractive joints whose flush
structures are reminiscent of automobiles.
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Steinway & Sons 500,000th Piano
Circa 1988
Design: Wendell Castle
Suspension Grand Piano, 2002
Maker: Seiler
Kitzingen, Germany
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