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Pianos In the Home
Square Piano, 1850
Maker: Chickering
Boston, Mass.
photos by
Robert C. Lautman
Americans preferred square pianos in their homes until the 1870s when uprights came
into fashion in the US. This instrument is similar to those used to accompany
Jenny Lind at her concerts.
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Giraffe Piano, 1809-1811
Maker: Andreas Stein
Vienna, Austria
photos by
Hugh Talman
From the early 19th century, Europeans preferred vertical pianos in the home. This
instrument, made by a member of the great Stein-Streicher piano building dynasty,
has six pedals and a janissary mechanism for special sound effects.
photos by
Eric Long
With useful compartments and accessories, including scissors, punches, and other
sewing materials, as well as a mirror in the lid, this small piano might fit in a lady's boudoir.
Sewing Table Piano, 1820-1840,
Maker: unknown Austrian or German
Shown in open and closed positions.
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