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What is a Premium Listing?
A Premium Listing offers far better exposure by getting your listing closer to the top of your regional category
and highlighting it to attract more attention.

How does a Premium Listing differ from a free listing?
Free listings are posted in alphabetical order, below the Premium Listings. Most potential customers
contact teachers closer to the top of the list. This happens on just about any kind of listings that people view
on the internet. As our list grows, a free listing may attract far less people to your ad than someone with a
Premium Listing highlighted at the top of the page.

In addition, free listings are restricted to only one regional category. So you will only attract potential
students from that one area of the city. With a Premium Listing, you may be listed in up to 3 regional
categories (example:Toronto Central, North York, Scarborough).

How do you decide the order of Premium Listings?
Ranking of Premium Listings is determined based on date of original creation.

Your rank, however, can indeed rise with newer listings posted and depending on which previously placed
ads choose not to retain their subscription.

How much does it cost to get a Premium Listing?
In order to reward the teachers who have maintained an ongoing subscription to Premium Listings over the
years, and to support other teachers by providing a very affordable method of advertising, we have reduced
the cost of a Premium Listing from $325.00 to
$175.00 (plus tax) per year.

That's less than 50 cents a day for wide exposure! Keep in mind that the entire amount is a business
expense that can be deducted from your taxable income.

Our website has very high ranking and visibility on all the major search engines.
We get about 5,000 unique visitors a day, viewing over 15,000 pages.

"I've been using your premium web listing service for a year and I must say that it is an amazing service!
Most of my students come from your site, and I will not hesitate recommending your service."

" My ad generated quite a bit of business for me. I had numerous inquiries about lessons with about half of
those staying on with me - a vast improvement over the non-premium ad I ran on your site for years."

" I'm listed as a piano instructor on your website (premium listing)...I've really appreciated your service as
I've received many calls for students."

Can I edit my listing once it is posted?
Yes. Simply contact us at info@concertpitchpiano.com with your changes and we will be happy to update
your listing at any time.

How do I pay?
After completing and submitting the Piano Teacher Listing Form below, you will be taken to a confirmation

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard or by etransfer using your online banking.
Click here to submit your Premium Listing
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