Local Piano Moves
As with most other services, the best way to find a piano mover is by word-of-mouth referral
from another piano owner or from your piano technician.

Some movers move only pianos. Some move all kinds of household goods as well as pianos.
And some don't know the first thing about piano moving.

Piano moving requires specialized skill, equipment and experience to do properly.

Getting the cheapest quote should not be the determining factor in your decision.
This is definitely a case where you get what you pay for.

Do it right.

Concert Pitch Piano Services highly recommends
Braymore Piano Movers

Braymore specializes in:
Piano Moving within the Greater Toronto Area
Local & Long Distance Piano Moving across southern Ontario
Piano Crating
Piano Dismantling
Piano Disposal
Piano Rental
Piano Storage

It is important to have your piano tuned after moving
To book a tuning after the move, call:
Concert Pitch Piano Services at: 416 806 8863
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