Long Distance Piano Moves
Who Does It and How Does It Work?
In North America, generally the larger fleet van lines have the proper license to ship heavy loads across the
state lines and provinces. They must have the proper equipment and carry enough insurance. Smaller
piano moving companies arrange these moves by contracting the larger van lines.

Most companies charge by a 1000 lb. Min. weight requirement. The price typically includes $5000 worth of
insurance & includes a house to house move (not just cartage). Make sure they agree to have the piano
blanket wrapped & strapped to the side of the trailer.

If you move only the piano, you have to wait for "carrier convenience", i.e. the piano won't be shipped until the
trailer going to your destination is full. This can take up to 2 weeks from the time of the booking.

Cartage fees are based on weight and distance. The more weight it carries for you, the less the fee.
Therefore, it is actually much cheaper and faster to move your piano along with your entire contents of your
house than it is to move the piano alone.  Also, since the truck will be at capacity, the move can be
scheduled almost immediately.

Moving Tips
Take very detailed photos of the piano. You will need these for proof in case any damage is done to the
piano during the move.

Moving contract
For a cross-country move, try having the following conditions added to your moving contract:

(1) The piano will not be transferred at shipping terminals across the country, and will not be unloaded off
the 18-wheeler trailer once it has been initially loaded on.

(2) The piano will be blanket wrapped, and strapped to the side of the trailer.

(3) The trailer will be one of the "computer air-ride" trailers that maintain a constant, controlled air
environment.  (There exists such trailers which are designed to handle computers and other instruments)

(4) Insure the piano for its full replacement value.

(1) Take a photo of the piano in the trailer as it is being unloaded.

(2) Check the piano thoroughly for any visible damage. If you see any, make sure you note it on the delivery
receipt before you sign it.
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